Selasa, 7 September 2010

Nothing Special About You 'cause I'll Love Myself At Last

Goddamn !

what ?

Goddamn !

what ?

Oh God Bless The Fall yeah !

Asking Alexandria stand up and scream

and Carnifex lie to my face

when Escape the Fate on the flood situations

Oh My God !

ghost in the mirror Motionless In White

One Morning Left and all worthless girls leave me

Eyes Set To Kill give you my all, darling !

Alesana say apology if this conversation is over

I Set My Friends On Fire now

it never ends, so Bring Me The Horizon

The Devil Wears Prada have a goats on a boat

Attack Attack shout out 'shut your mouth' ! (yeah)

i cant save you (you fall)

please forgive me

i cant take you back (you false)

please forgive me

and do your own !


artist: Black Wedding Brides

songwriter: Didi A

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