Khamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Human Love M4CH1N3 lyrics (in progress)

A world of your own

No heart inside

Careful when worlds collide

Your filling human life

With all it can hold

Carry it on with pride

The sun's still above

All the rain that's coming down

And I can feel the sincerity from you

And now the sky is open wide!

Turn the light on, you will see things

That will appreciate you better


You're a machine!

You're a machine!

When another world began

You are not a human being

Why I still keep with you

Ohh, but you have no heart

Oh, you have no heart, and

I've spent all this time feeling

Something you can't feel at all!

[repeat c/o]

Why I..

With you..

By: Didi A, Joe, Ryan

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